IOA-PAG Oxygen and Ozone Safety Quiz
Answers to the questions below can be found within the training video and self-study content.  The Password required for this quiz has components distributed throughout the training video.  Passing score is 80 or greater for the quiz.
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The normal amount of oxygen in air is: *
10 points
An oxygen rich environment can be defined as oxygen levels above: *
10 points
The three components of the fire triangle that all must be present for fire to occur are: *
10 points
If exposed to an oxygen rich atmosphere, you should: *
10 points
Which of the following is not an ignition source: *
10 points
What is the 8-hour ozone exposure limit: *
10 points
What is the 15-minute ozone exposure limit: *
10 points
Ozone is: *
10 points
True or False: The smell of ozone may be detected around electrical discharge such as lightning strikes *
10 points
Which of the following is not a suitable manner to locate small ozone leaks in an environment that is still below OSHA exposure limits: *
10 points
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