Do you think you have what it takes to be a leader of one of our three Krewes for Fur-Eh! 2020? Then, be sure to apply using this form!

In New Orleans, a Krewe is a social organization that hosts an annual ball and puts on a parade to celebrate Mardi Gras.

At Fur-Eh!, a Krewe will take on that same role by holding a ball on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday night and will decorate one or more floats as part of the Fur-Eh! Parade.

Each Krewe will have a leader (or a group of leaders if they prefer) that will be responsible for their Krewe's participation during Mardi Paws. They will liaison with a Fur-Eh! Staff Member and may be required to attend certain meetings with Fur-Eh! Staff.

Fur-Eh! Staff may not apply to be a Krewe leader.

Canadian Anthropomorphics Inc. (the organization that operates Fur-Eh!) will provide “seed money” to each of the three Krewes in the amount of $300 each* that they can use towards running an event, purchasing supplies, etc. It is entirely up to each Krewe if they want to invest more than the amount provided, but no additional reimbursement by CAI will apply. Krewes may also not collect any funds from other attendees regardless of Krewe affiliation.

Each Krewe will host a ball which is open to all Guests regardless of Krewe affiliation on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. These will take place just before the dance each night (which means we’ll be having a Thursday night dance in 2020) and Krewes may theme their ball if they wish to do so.

*receipts will be required and will be paid as a reimbursement up to $300.

What is your FIRST & LAST name? *
Not your furry name! That comes later!
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What is a phone number we can reach you by voice or text at? *
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What would you wish to name your Krewe? *
The name should be theme appropriate. You can search for actual Krewe names for inspiration. Tasteul, SFW names only, please.
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Would you be willing to commission a logo for your Krewe that can be used in official Fur-Eh! publications? *
We highly recommend this as we do plan to identify each Krewe and market them. If you do not plan on being able to get a commission of a logo, we will create a simple one for you.
If you had to pick three things that your Krewe will have as its motto, what would those three things be? *
An example might be "Inclusion, Pageantry, Tradition". But, you should come up with your own three things!
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What do you plan to do for the ball your Krewe will hold? *
Please give us an idea of the way the event will unfold. It will last no more than 90 minutes and will flow directly into the Dance that starts at 10pm. Which day your event will be held on will be decided by random draw. You can offer food as long as it is purchased from the hotel and alcohol may be consumed in the space, though bringing in a bar has a cost associated with it that would come out of your budget. (Drinks from the hotel bar may be brought into the ballroom, however.)
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What do you plan to do for the Fur-Eh! Parade? *
You will need to have a plan for both indoor and outdoor parades. Any fursuit-wearing Krewe members will march in your section of the Parade and you are permitted to throw beads and other harmless gifts to the Parade viewers. You will be required to build at least one float for the parade. We will rent a trailer for you to use and decorate for outdoor use and you should be prepared to have an indoor only "float" ready in case of inclement weather. All other rules regarding vehicles in the Parade must be adhered to.
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Are there any other events or plans you might wish to hold during Fur-Eh!
If so, please elaborate.
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