Lost Item Reporting
Please fill out this form to report an item lost at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. We'll review all reports as quickly as possible and will get back with you if we locate your item. We receive hundreds of items and reports of lost items, so thank you in advance for your patience as we sort through these items and identify owners.

Filling out this form is the best way to report a lost item(s). We'll have documentation in writing so that if we locate your item, we can contact you quickly.

Clothing/Sunglasses: Note that most clothing found onsite is not turned in (hats, shirts, shoes, etc.). While we do sometimes have sunglasses turned in, if they are an expensive line, more than likely, they will not be turned in. Sorry!

Please Note: We will contact you ONLY if we locate your item. We are not able to contact every person to inform them their item was not turned in.

Valuables will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity. C3 Presents will not be held liable for any unclaimed items.

For more information contact us at lostandfound@voodoofestival.com.

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Missing Item(s)
What is lost?
Where was it lost?
Description of Items
- Driver's License: name on the license, the address on the license and the state it was issued

- Camera: model & color, etc. (ex: Canon Sureshot, silver, in black leather case with silver wristband) + describe recent photos if any

- Cell Phone: model & color (the more details the better--this is the largest category of lost items)

Example: iPhone in white rubber case; Samsung red flip phone; Blackberry with golden retriever as background photo

- If your phone is lost, please leave number of someone who you are with so we can reach you!

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