Personal Training Survey
Let us know how how you felt about our services. We are always looking to improve, so we really appreciate your feedback. It helps us create the best experience and results for you and other members or clients. You have the option to remain anonymous or submit your info at the end of the survey.
How would you rate the amenities and equipment?
Was lacking equipment or amenities I wanted
Great, had everything I needed!
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What did you think of the staff?
Staff was terrible, couldn't get help on anything
Staff was great, friendly, nice, and always willing to help with anything I needed
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What was your trainers name?
Rate on a scale of 1-5 your satisfaction with your trainer if you worked with one.
My trainer was great!
I did not like working with my trainer.
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Rate on a scale of 1-5 your trainers communication skills
My trainer is slow to get back to me and I am not always able to understand them
My trainer always gets back to me quickly and is clear and concise
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Rate on a scale of 1-5 your trainers consistency and availability
My trainer reschedules sessions frequently and has limited availability
My trainer has never rescheduled or missed a session and always has plenty of availability
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Were/are you satisfied with the results you achieved/are achieving?
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Is there anything we can/could do to improve your training experience?
Would you like us to follow up on your experience? We are happy to help with anything you need! If so please leave your name and phone number below and we'll reach out asap.
Thanks for taking the survey! We value your feedback.
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