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Thank you for your interest in hosting a full node on the Helios Protocol: An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. We are 100% open source and fully decentralized infrastructure where anybody can host a node.

By hosting a node, you will be participating in building a strongly decentralized network for the Helios Protocol, and you will receive HLS coins from staking as a reward for doing so. This is an exciting opportunity to be among the first to stake their coins, and establish themselves as the early adopters. By being an early adopter, you will receive the highest staking rewards percentage available on the testnet and mainnet.

If you are interested, please fill out your contact information on the attached form. We will contact you at a later date to provide assistance on setting up a node.

By hosting a full node, you will be stress testing:
• Our unique consensus mechanism based on the physics of magnetism. This is a time tested natural consensus mechanism that is very well understood using quantum mechanics.
• Transaction volume and latency.
• Network security.
• Help by identifying bugs.

Why set up a node?
• Early adopters will get a higher staking reward percentage.
• No upfront hardware cost because no expensive hardware required.
• No large ongoing costs because Helios protocol nodes use a tiny fraction of the energy of a traditional mining rig. This results in a monthly power bill that is also a tiny fraction of a traditional mining rig.
• Help build a truly decentralized network that frees society from the centralization of power.

• You must be a member of our Community
• The initial software requires Linux. You can run linux as a standalone operating system, or run it within windows for a more user friendly experience. Our initial instructions will be for debian based distros such as Ubuntu. Other distros will work but may require slightly different instructions to install the node software.

There is no minimum hardware requirement. However, the number of HLS rewarded from staking is proportional to not only the number of coins you stake, but also to the performance of the node. Therefore, faster hardware and internet will receive more HLS for bringing stability and performance to network.

For more information about our project, check out our website at You can also check out all of our code at our github page at

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