Liability & Media Release
I am aware of the inherent hazards and health risks of physical exercise in general and of wearing my infant during Babies at the Barre™ classes. In consideration of being allowed to participate with my infant in Babies at the Barre™ classes, I choose to proceed with class participation in spite of these hazards and health risks.

I am aware that every mother/infant combination is unique and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” representation of Babies at the Barre™ classes or any associated activities (Activities). I alone am responsible for knowing my infant and being comfortable with the Activities.

I understand that any instructor recommendations are from the instructor's personal experience. If I am uncomfortable with any instructor-recommended activity, I will tell the instructor and, at my option, I may decline to participate in that part of the class.

I also understand that any instructional materials or video recordings I may receive or pick up during the Activities are the intellectual property of the author of those materials. I will not reproduce or distribute those materials or recordings to others outside of the class without the instructor's permission. I may freely reproduce and distribute all marketing materials I receive in connection with the Activities.

I agree to allow Babies at the Barre, LLC (BATB) and its representatives to record pictures, sound, video, and any other types of recorded files of me and my child, together or separately, during the Babies at the Barre™ classes or events we attend. I also agree that BATB and its representatives may copy and edit this recorded material for its use to illustrate and promote its services and classes. I understand BATB and its representatives will not provide any identifying information with any recorded materials in which my child or I appear without first getting my written permission.

I understand that BATB owns the copyrights to all material recorded during my classes, and I agree that BATB may publish, distribute, and otherwise use these materials for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to publicity, advertising, and Internet content. I voluntarily give up any claim I might otherwise have for ownership of any photographs and recordings, and I will make no claim against BATB or its representatives for the use of the materials.

I release BATB and its representatives from liability for any claims any third party or I might make in connection with the recorded material. I waive any rights I might otherwise have to inspect or approve any finished product, including written or electronic copies, in which the recorded material may appear.

I voluntarily release Babies at the Barre, LLC and its representatives, instructors, sponsors, and host facilities (Released Parties) from any liability that may arise out of the Activities. I also voluntarily release the Released Parties from any claim arising out of any injury or other harm my infant or I may suffer in connection with the Activities, whatever the cause.

By entering my name and information below, I confirm that:

-I am the parent or legal guardian of the infant I will be wearing during the Activities;
-My infant participating in the Activities is at least eight weeks of age;
-I am comfortable with wearing my infant during the Activities;
-I have chosen a carrier for my infant that provides adequate head, neck, and body support for the Activities;
-Both my infant and I are in good physical and mental health;
-I have consulted with both my personal family physician and my child's pediatrician or other treating doctor, as applicable,
and both my infant and I have medical clearance to participate in the Activities;
-I will not participate in any class if I am, or my infant is, not healthy on the class day; and
-I will not consume alcohol or any controlled substance in any quantity before class on any class day in which I participate.

This release does not expire and will be considered valid unless I give written notice.

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