DSA Membership Survey - 2019/2020
This internal survey represents one of the first steps in our broad chapter growth and diversity plan. Our goal is to get an accurate cross-section of information about different aspects of our members’ lives. Our next steps may include following up on this information individually to organize our membership by neighborhood, job industry, and school. Please give us as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.

Your information will be kept confidential. Only the Co-Chairs and Membership Chair will have full access to your responses, and demographic information will be anonymized in any reports or presentations.

Thanks and solidarity,

The Growth and Diversity Working Group
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Are you currently a member in good standing (paid dues within the last year) with the national DSA organization?
If so, would you like a reminder from New Orleans DSA when your national dues are about to expire?
We plan to supplement this basic survey with one-on-one conversations to discuss our members’ backgrounds, skills, and interests in different aspects of our chapter work. May we connect you with another member to set up a one-on-one?
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