Davies Automotive Careers Local Employer Survey
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How many of your current technicians are likely to retire in the next 5 years?0, 1 or 2, 3 - 6? Please give your best guestimate *
How many new employees with entry level automotive skills are you likely to hire in the next 3 years?0, 1 or 2, 3 - 6? Please give your best guestimate *
Please help us to provide our students with realistic wage expectations.New students often have unrealistically high salary expectations for apprentice wages.   Others are apprehensive that the low starting wage will be slow to change. *
Which is closest to your typically pay a new employee with training but no experience?Students will learn the average local wage expectation. Your specific response will NOT be provided to our students. *
What is a typical wage for that same employee after working with you for two years?Please estimate a monthly or annual full time wage. Add any comments that may clarify your answer. *
What is the single most important idea or skill that we should teach our  Automotive students? *
Would you be interested in providing a Davies student  opportunity? Students would work part-time at your service center while going to school and would make arrangements at your convenience. *
Please provide comments or suggestions on how we can better prepare students for employment in this field. *
Have you hired Davies Automotive Technology program in the past 5 years?Use "Other:" and indicate how long ago if you wish to rate students hired over 5 years back *
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