GSP Applicants
Disclaimer: We ask your personal data for evaluation purposes. We will keep your data until the end of the application period and will delete it afterward. We will keep the information on the origin of the applicants for statistical purposes and future development of the program. We will not transfer your personal data to any third party, unless authorized by you.
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5. From which university did you/will you get your Bachelor's degree? *
6. Do you have a BA/MA thesis to finish writing in 2019? *
7. What did you study? (BA discipline) *
8. Did you write a BA thesis? What was the title and topic of your BA thesis? *
9. What is your BA grade average? Please give us an overview of the national grading system you are referring to. *
10. What is your mother tongue? *
11. Are you fluent in other languages? Please list. *
12. What are your preferences for the second and third semesters? *
13. For how long did you live abroad? *
14. Which following cities did you live in? (not visit) *
15. Where are you living at the moment? *
16. What do you imagine doing when you complete the program? *
17. How did you hear about GSP? *
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