Emergency Information Card
Please fill out this form for every child. Please add "NA" if any question does not apply.
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List at least two persons who will assume temporary care of your child if you cannot be reached. (Person should be able to supply transportation for child.):
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It is absolutely necessary that the school be informed of any conditions such as: seizures, diabetes, asthma, heart ailments, hearing problems, nosebleeds, etc. (Give treatment information also) Please list: *
Physicians Name *
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Is you child covered by Health Insurance? *
My child is on daily medication for: *
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Is the medication(s) required during school hours *
The school physician/dentist has my permission to do the required health examinations/screenings if the appropriate forms have not been completed by my private physician/dentist and returned to the nurse. If not indicated the school physician/dentist will complete exam. *
Since the care and treatment of any child is primarily a parental responsibility, by checking "Yes" below I understand that every effort will be made to contact either parent first in case your child becomes ill or is injured at school. In case of an emergency, your child will be transported to the nearest medical facility. *
By checking "Yes" below, I give permission to share this information with appropriate school/medical personnel: *
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