Dixon Women's Improvement Club Grant Application Committee
Dixon Women’s Improvement Club
P.O. Box 25
Dixon,CA 95620
2020 Community Grant application
(up to $1000)

Dear Applicant:

For more than a century, the Dixon Women’s Improvement Club (DWIC) has supported projects that are in the best interests of the Dixon community, beginning with the establishment of the DWIC Park, followed by securing funding for the Dixon Carnegie Library that continues to serve Dixon to this day. DWIC has provided funds for disaster relief, senior citizen projects, community literacy, and well-baby clinics in addition to the college/training school scholarship program that was initiated by DWIC in the 1980s for graduates from Dixon and Maine Prairie High Schools.

A community grant program was piloted by DWIC in 2018. Based on the program’s success, DWIC is pleased to be able to offer the program in 2020. Schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, classrooms, and community-based programs have the opportunity to apply for a grant up to $1,000 in funding. If interested, there is an application process to follow and a deadline to be met.

Application Process: All applications received by the due date will be reviewed by the Community Grant Committee. The committee will determine to whom and the amount of the community grants to be awarded. To apply, please complete and mail the following: 1) the DWIC 2020 Community Grant Application; and, 2) a letter describing your organization, why you feel you should receive this grant, and details for the project for which you are requesting funding.

Application Deadline: Completed community grant application with accompanying organization letter must be postmarked by Friday, April 3, 2020, and mailed to the address above.

If you have any questions you can contact Jewel Fink at (510) 301-1887.


Loran Hoffman
DWIC President
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