CDKF Simplified Grant Application
Use this online form along with any pertinent documents to apply for Carolina District of Kiwanis Club grants. Version 4/1/15

Guidelines for Filing Grant Applications
• Priority will be given to grants involving young children.
• The Foundation encourages Kiwanis-family sponsored programs to apply and will give them priority in funding.
• Generally, capital improvement requests will not be considered, this includes constructing buildings and purchasing land.
• The Foundation Board will not usually consider applications for grants neither in excess of $5000 nor under $300.
• The grant must further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis and promote the growth and development of Kiwanis in the area.
• The Foundation Executive Committee approves funding of grants four times annually. Standing Committee meetings are held in conjunction with the Midyear Conference and the annual District Convention. Two other meeting dates are determined during the fall and spring to provide for quarterly sessions. The deadlines for filing grant applications is 30 days prior to the Committee meeting. Notification of the decision of the Committee will be made no later than 30 days following the Committee’s decision. The decision of the Committee is final.
• Requests that involve “hands-on” Kiwanis involvement will be given priority consideration, as will those requests from clubs that have exhibited past individual and club support of the Foundation.
• The Carolinas District Foundation must be named/credited for funding the grant.
• Requesting clubs must be in good standing with the District and Kiwanis International to be considered for funding.
• The Foundation requires grant recipients to submit a final accounting report on the project as relates to funds provided. Do not provide copies of receipts unless requested.

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Grant requests should only be submitted with the full support of your club board.
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Actual dollars, not hours or in-kind contributions unless it defrays the needed dollar amount.
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Actual dollars, not hours or in-kind contributions unless they defray the needed dollar amount.
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How much are you requesting from the Foundation? *
In most cases this should not be more than 50% of the total project cost.
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Who and how many will benefit from this project? *
Who refers to specific groups, not individuals.
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Will the Foundation be recognized as part of this project and if so, how? *
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How many man hours from your club will be devoted to this project? *
Hours should reflect the initial phase of the project, not ongoing support in future years.
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Has your club received a Foundation grant in the past? *
Please include amount and what needs the grant met.
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