2022-2023 Appalachian Grown Cost Share Application for Farms and Farm Groups
To help better identify certified local products in the marketplace, ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) is providing cost share funding for Appalachian Grown (TM) certified farms in North Carolina, through support from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission (NCTTFC). These funds can be used for design and production of custom labels, packaging, advertising or promotional materials featuring the Appalachian Grown logo. Preference may be given to packaging, labeling, and signage projects and those who have not received cost share funds in the past. ASAP's cost share operates on a reimbursement basis, for up to 75% of total project costs. The maximum ASAP cost share for 2022-2023 is $1,500 for an individual farm and $5,000 for a farmer group, dependent upon total number of farms in group. For example: two farms in group - max cost share of $3,000; three farms in group - $4,500; four or more - $5,000. Please review the complete list of eligibility requirements before applying.
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Farms are eligible for funding from one NCTTFC supported project each calendar year. Have you received funds from any other NCTTFC supported project in 2022, including WNC AgOptions, NC AgVentures, Certified Safe Farm (NCSU) or Agritoursim cost share (NCDA&CS)?       *
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Do you fit the USDA's definition of a limited resource farm?  Limited-resource farm households are defined as having low farm sales and low household income for 2 years in a row. This includes having direct or indirect farm sales less than $189,200 AND an annual household income that falls below the national poverty level ($27,750) or less than 50% of the county median household income in the previous two years. Use this tool to determine your status if you are unsure.
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Appalachian Grown Cost Share Questionnaire for Farmers and Farm Groups
List items and costs for which you are requesting matching funds. Please provide the best estimate you can at this time. We understand that an estimate may change. You may submit additional cost share applications, up to the allowed amount, to cover future projects. Funds requested can be up to 75% of total project costs (not to exceed $1,500 for individual farms and $5,000 for farmer groups). Funds are available only on a reimbursement basis for awarded projects that were started AFTER receiving approval. Funds can not be used to purchase materials from ASAP (including wax boxes, roll bags, stickers or other materials available through our bulk purchasing program).

Examples of past cost share projects: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRs9ib16jDfoAIcgcVO-1q0B_N9246XTyhu4DKA9pupZY1XereRe-8OwyoOkeg3s4F7Hg7IxhAHVM1V/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=3000
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Describe your marketing/promotion strategy and how the matching funds you are requesting will help your farm or group. *
Briefly describe your farm/farmer group including what you grow, how you sell it, and who is involved. *
What goals do you have for your farm or group in the next year? *
Are you listed in ASAP's Local Food Guide? *
Are you listed in ASAP's online Wholesale Local Food Guide (Farm to Business Trade Directory)?
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The state of North Carolina requires all recipients of these funds to complete a “State Grants Compliance Reporting for Individuals < $25,000” form, as well as as a “No Overdue Tax Debts or Conflict of Interest” form. These forms will be emailed to you if your application has been approved for cost share funding, but can be previewed here: *
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