Model Society: Video Submissions
Our Youtube channel is getting more than 1 million views per month. This is an incredible opportunity for millions to experience the very best FIGURATIVE FINE ART in the world.

New videos usually get several thousand views in the first 24-48 hours. Popular videos get over 20,000 views in the first week. If we select your video we’ll include full credits and links to your website and/or social profiles.

What we are looking for:

     * Live action videos of artistic photo shoots
     * Behind the scenes videos about figurative art modeling and photography
     * Educational videos about art modeling or figurative photography
     * Documentary style videos about you and your modeling, photography or art
     * Beautiful high quality slide shows of figurative fine art
     * ANY VIDEOS that celebrate humanity as a work of art

Video(s) that are selected for our Youtube channel ...

     * Maybe featured on our homepage, Facebook page and other platforms.
     * Maybe featured in our newsletter (goes to our entire community and global list of fans).
     * Maybe included in an automated email series that will be sent to everyone who ever joins our list.
     * May get a dedicated page at our website with prominent links to your portfolios and projects.
     * Maybe included in iOS app version of our magazine

If you would like to participate, fill out the form below to complete these three simple steps:

STEP 1 - Basic information
STEP 2 - Tell us about your work
STEP 3 - Send us your video file(s)

Your artwork is helping people everywhere liberate how they feel about human beauty. Beyond standards and cultural manipulation, your contribution reveals that BEAUTY IS AN EXPERIENCE ... NOT A STANDARD.

David Bollt
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This is an agreement between you as an individual model, photographer or artist (“Creator”) and Model Society LLC ("Model Society") concerning the inclusion of your submitted images ("Submitted Materials"), in any or all: Model Society Magazine / Model Society videos / Model Society / Youtube channel / Model Society Publications. Creator and Model Society acknowledge an exchange of mutual benefits. Model Society does not claim ownership of copyrights. Creator retains all right, title and interest in the Submitted Materials provided by Creator (subject to the non-exclusive rights granted to Model Society under this Agreement). Creator is free to grant similar rights to others during and after the Term of this Agreement. Creator grants Model Society a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to reproduce Submitted Materials in Model Society Magazine, a Model Society video, at Model Society websites, as well as in any and all related promotional material. Promotional materials may include (but are not limited to) press releases, social media content, articles, interviews, print advertising, banner ads and videos. As Creator, you specifically state that you are the copyright owner and/or you have the legal right to license to Model Society the use the requested image(s) and that you have obtained all necessary releases.
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STEP 2 - Tell us about your work (optional but helps us choose your work)
Written content helps us choose your work for publication. You can paste in some existing copy (an artist statement or bio). Don't worry about editing or proofing. If your work is selected for publication, we'll edit and polish.

Don't hold back. JUST GO FOR IT :) The more the better!!
What inspires you? Why do you make artistic images of humanity?
Maybe your images have a theme. Maybe there's a particular technique that you are passionate about. Whatever you care about in your art, tell us about it.
What is beauty?
What does "beauty" mean to you? We ask everyone ... There's no wrong answer :)
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you or your work?
Whatever you want to say, whatever you'd like us to know.
STEP 3 - SEND US YOUR VIDEO(s) - Read carefully!
1) BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE PROPER CREDITS IN THE FILE NAME FOR EACH VIDEO. (Videos that do not have at least the author or photographer credit will be discarded.) Include a model credit if the video should have one.

2) FILE PREPARATION - If you can please send HIGH RES videos. High res videos are strongly preferred.

3) ADDITIONAL IMAGES - (optional but helpful) If you can, please include some high res still images if you can. This helps us include videos in the newsletter and in the iOS app version of Model Society Magazine.

4) GO TO THIS URL TO UPLOAD YOUR WORK. Please use the same (real name) as above.

If you have a problem with the link, send files via to:

5) BE SURE TO SUBMIT THIS FORM WITH THE BUTTON BELOW - Video files that don't match a form submission will be discarded.

Thanks for your interest in Model Society Magazine! We look forward to seeing your work.
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