Feedback on Stories
I am wanting to know some information on what people think of my stories and I'm hoping that getting direct feedback like this will allow me to improve on my work and also see if I have a chance at potentially moving upward towards other opportunities for my stories.
Which of my stories have you read? (select all that apply) *
What did you think of The Oddities of Humans?
What did you think of The Immortal and the Cursed
What did you think of Myth High?
What did you think of Myth War?
What did you think of Spirit?
What did you think of Her Words?
If there were an option to read a revised version of any of my stories, would you read it? *
What other places do you have access to read stories? (i.e. tapas, tumblr, etc.) *
If given the option, would you read a comic version of one of my stories? Include which one(s). *
How willing are you to pay for stories? Explain reason why please :) *
Now for fun questions, not required, just for fun :)
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Whose you're favorite character and why?
You're favorite ship? Why?
Who do you want to get together? Tell me why and it may happen if I like it ;)
Lastly, how did you find my story(ies)/profile? *
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