Hurricane/Flood Animal Rescue Request
If you are in an area affected by Hurricane Florence, and if it is possible for you or someone you know to safely return to where your animals are and care for or remove them, YOU SHOULD DO THAT NOW. If that is not possible, then use this form, and give as much detail as possible. We cannot guarantee that an animal organization will respond, but this information will be shared with everyone authorized to do animal rescue in the area.

Once your animals are safe, if you need someone to provide foster care for them until you can care for them again, you can post them on If you think your pet was rescued, search for them on, or

Are you the owner of the animal(s) in need? *
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What is the location of the animal(s) in need?
Please be as accurate as possible. This will be used to map the location to assist rescuers in finding the location.
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How many dogs, cats, other small animals (birds, rabbits, etc.), and large animals (horses, cows, etc.) are in need of rescue? *
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Give as COMPLETE a description of the physical situation as you can that would help someone find and rescue them. Where in the house are they? *
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Describe the animals. Are they young or old? Are they friendly? Are they in need of special care or medication?
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Do you own the property where the animal(s) are located?
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Do you give permission to animal rescuers to enter onto or into your property and to, if necessary, damage your property to rescue or provide care for the animals? This could include breaking a gate, door, or window, for example.
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When is the last time when the animal(s) were seen?
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What food or water did the animal(s) have left out when last seen?
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What do you want done with the animals? *
What are the names and phone numbers of neighbors or other people in the area who might help?
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Where do you expect to staying be in the next week if you know?
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Phone number where you can be reached (with area code): *
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First alternate phone number if you can't be reached:
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Email where you can be reached (if any):
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If your animals have microchips and you know their numbers, please list them here:
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Note: By clicking SUBMIT below, you are agreeing to not hold any person or any organization they represent liable for any damages that occur during any good-faith attempt to assist you and your animals.
I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and the information I have given here is true to the best of my knowledge. *
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