MOutC - Author and Artist Survey
Hey there! We are SO EXCITED to host and promote your content on Monsters Out of the Closet! Please fill out this survey so we can square away the logistics. Shriya, our Content Producer, will be in contact with you within the week to check in and work on next steps. THANK YOU for making this podcast possible!
**Please note that at this time we are ONLY accepting work from LGBTQ+ authors and artists.**
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(Optional) Please let us know what your pronouns are! We definitely don't want to misgender you in our communications/content.
How would you like to be credited on our podcast/website/etc? (Anonymity is definitely an option. Conversely, feel free to include any websites/social media handles that you would like us to mention!) *
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Which episode(s) are you submitting this piece for? (list any/all that apply - check our website for theme details)
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(Optional) Leave a brief two sentence artist statement below. (Especially encouraged if you are submitting poetry or abstract pieces.)
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Are you interested and able to create a recording of your piece? (your recording setup can be as simple as a headphone mic and Audacity) *
If yes, please estimate when you would be able to send in your recording.
If yes or maybe, is it feasible for you to visit Los Angeles, CA or Portland, OR to record pieces?
If no, are you open to having one of our producers or a volunteer reader create a recording of your piece?
Do you have any preferences as to whom we match with your piece?
Are you interested in participating in a casual interview with us? (interviews will be recorded and incorporated into episodes or bonus features) *
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