Equipping Ministry - Self-Assessment Inventory

Finding Your Spiritual Gifts

God has given each Christian two vitally important gifts. The first is the gift of faith in Jesus Christ, his work of redemption,and thus forgiveness of sin.The second is the gift of one or more special abilities, which are to be used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of God's Kingdom.These abilities are called spiritual gifts and they are received through our baptism.

Like a wrapped present,it is impossible to fully appreciate and make use of our spiritual gifts until they have been opened. This tool will help you begin to open your spiritual gifts by guiding you through the following three activities:

Self- Assessment: This Self-Assessment Inventory will help you identify which gifts you have received in greatest measure. You may complete the inventory online or by completing a paper copy. After online completion, you will receive a confirmation email that your inventory has been received and is being analyzed. If you complete the inventory on paper, you will send it to the church office and we will contact you to let you know it has been received and your results are being analyzed. Once your inventory is scored, you will receive your results within the next few weeks along with an explanation of your spiritual gifts. At any time, we will be happy to talk with you about ways you might consider using your spiritual gifts at Hope, at home and in the community. You will never be burdened with an expectation to use your gifts in any particular way. We only want you to know where you may be most comfortable and find joy in using your gifts at Hope and beyond.

Working together to share God's love in the world,

Mary Toneff, Equipping Ministry

Beth White, Equipping Ministry


For each of the 60 questions which follow,select the number that corresponds with the response that most closely matches how you perceive yourself.

4, consistently true
3, frequently true
2, occasionally true
1, infrequently true
0, rarely true
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