Age of Storms application
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If you want to be referred to by another name other than your minecraft ign.
In-Game-Name  (Minecraft username)
You MUST have a valid Minecraft Java Edition license. We do not accept cracked versions of Minecraft on our server.
Time Zone
Or provide times that you typically can be on line.
Discord is required to communicate with the build team. What is your Discord tag? (Eg. sirbandersnatch#1880)
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It is required for you to pass this application. If you haven't joined yet, that's fine, just select the "No" option and join.
Why do you want to be a part of the build team?
Medieval and Fantasy build style *
A fundamental part of a city is the the immersive style of it. . Please provide links to images and/or posts of builds YOU MADE which would fit into a medieval fantasy world. NOTE: PlanetMinecraft, YouTube, Imgur, Google Drive, or any other image/project/video hosting site is perfectly fine as long as we can access the photos. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE A BUILD OR IF WE CANNOT VIEW YOUR MEDIA YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
Do you have any WorldEdit experience?
Once you become a "Builder" rank, you will be able to use WorldEdit commands. You are not required to use this tool, however, it is useful to learn, and to build with. We want to know what aspects of WorldEdit you are familiar with so we can determine how much we need to teach you when the time comes.
Additional Comments or concerns
Any questions you might have or any additional information we might like to know.
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