Trip Hopping Phoenix Volunteer Brew 2011
Apply to volunteer with Trip Hopping this November in Phoenix.

The types of people we're looking for and what we want to achieve:

> Coders. People who know PHP, Javascript or have toiled with android and iPhone apps.

> Designers. We'll we updating some of the graphics on the site, making new icons and artwork. Also we want to make promotional material like fliers for coffee shops and universities with ride listings. CSS knowledge is helpful too, but not essential.

> Communication & Marketing. We looking to find one or two people savvy with their words and social media. Much of the text on the website, including emails sent to new members and this sort of thing needs to be rewritten. In addition to this, we'd love someone who wants to keep our blog, twitter, facebook and etc up to date.

> Researchers and Data Entry. During this Brew one of the main objectives is to compile information about buses and trains throughout the world. This will take some research and the time to input it into our system, so perhaps you'd be up for this. There's also several other sources we want to compile, such as campsites and other travel resources.

> Video. We want to make some videos showing how Trip Hopping works and also of people traveling and using Trip Hopping. If you're into filming and editing and screencasting - you can volunteer too!

If you have an idea or think you can help in another way, let us know. There's plenty of room in the house for people who want to help.

We will let you know in October if you can come join us and the details you'll need. Can't make it to Phoenix? We'll also have people helping out remotely on tasks and joining us in Phoenix via video from time to time throughout the Brew. For those in Phoenix, you'll have a place to stay in the house with us, plenty of food and coffee, plus some activities and a celebration at the end of the month, before Thanksgiving.
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