As the portal of Elastos blockchain game ecosystem, BIT.GAME now invites all Elastos community members to join our special ELA to BGX Plan for blockchain game ecosystem construction. All the ELA that has been raised will be used for technical development, marketing promotions and ecosystem construction etc. Pls fill in all the questions below.
4 Options for ELA to BGX Plan
A. 1 ELA = 7500 BGX(25% bonus), without lockup period.
B. 1 ELA = 7875 BGX(25% original bonus + 5% lockup bonus, with tokens locked up for 6 months.)
C. 1 ELA = 8250 BGX(25% original bonus + 10% lockup bonus, with tokens locked up for 12 months.)
D. 1 ELA = 9000 BGX(25% original bonus + 20% lockup bonus, with tokens locked up for 18 months.)
For any inquiries, pls consult with BIT.GAME Telegram group admins:
Question List for KYC
We will start checking when we allocate tokens for everyone, if you don't pass our KYC, your tokens will be automatically sent back to your sending address.
Email Address *
Country *
ETH Wallet Address: *
Please provide your identity documents *
We accept ID card, passport, driver's license and other government issued certificates.
Your Mobile Phone Number (with country code) *
By submitting the documents
1. I agree to terms and conditions of the identity, residence and accredited investor status verification process.
2. I also confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the token sale.
Question List for User Info Collecting
All the info will be recorded by BIT.GAME, BIT.GAME will allocate tokens to your address according to this list. So pls make sure to fill in all the info correctly.
What's your ELA address that will be used to contribute? *
How many ELA do you contribute for BIT.GAME? *
At Least 20 ELA
Pls upload your screenshot of transaction when you transfer ELA to our receiving address. (you should upload this screenshot before you click on the confirm button of transaction.) *
What's your ETH address that you'd like to receive BGX? *
Which plan would you like to choose for the contribution? *
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