MD Support Centre Carers Survey 2019
At MD Support Centre we are constantly striving to measure and demonstrate the value of the work we do, and to improve and adapt our services to better meet the needs of our service users. A little of your time spent filling in the survey means a lot to us.
Many thanks,
The MD Support Centre Team
Please indicate the level of agreement with the following statements regarding the people at the MD Support Centre who provide treatment and services to the person in your care
Partly Agree
Don't know
I feel that people listened to me/us
It was easy to talk to people who saw me/us
I was treated well by the person who saw me/us
My/our views and worries were taken seriously
I feel people here know how to help me/us
I/we have been given enough explanation about the help available here
I feel that people here who have seen me/us are working together to help/support
The Centre tries to make appointments as convenient as possible
If a friend or family member needed this sort of help, I would suggest to them to come here
Overall the support I/we have received here is good
Please share any additional feedback or comments you may have:
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