SIDC Revolving Loan Application: COVID-19 Relief
Please complete ALL Fields in the application form. NOTE: Supporting documentation as noted below should be emailed to Applications will not be deemed complete until supporting documentation has been received.

Please email with any questions.
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Describe the reason for your request for a loan from the SIDC Revolving Loan Fund Covid - 19 (i.e., pay rent, pay mortgage, working capital etc.) Please describe in detail. Detailed copies of documents are required as part of the RLF Covid-19 Guidelines. *
Requested Loan Amount from SIDC RLF Covid-19 (maximum $10,000) *
List other Covid-19 Loans or Grants you applied for either through your lending institution, the SBA, or the State of Illinois (copies are required) *
List other Covid-19 Loans or Grants you were granted (copies are required) *
Certification:AGREEMENT: The undersigned applied for the loan indicated in this application to be used in connection with the project described herein. All statements made in this application are true and are made for the purpose of obtaining the loan. Verification may be obtained from any source named in this application.The applicant agrees to abide by all RLF Covid-19 requirements. The Applicant agrees to furnish any additional information as needed to review and consider this loan request. *
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