#include A-Level Wikibook - Dev Stories
Calling all developers! CAS #include invites you to share your stories with the next generation for our new A level Wikibook.

This March, we are crowdsourcing an A-level Wikibook at our next Hack the Curriculum event and this time we want to #include developer anecdotes relating to the course subjects alongside the learning materials. This will help us provide context for the students on how what they are learning now could relate to a job in the industry.

This is also the first time this has been done for an A-Level text book, so this is an exciting opportunity to take part in something that has never been done before.

We want to hear if you use the concepts listed below and how how they are used in your job. If you have a funny story or a frightful tale of caution, we want to hear it too. Even if you just have a hobby project you are working on - or a good analogy of a concept you use yourself, please let us share it with the next generation.

Once complete, the wikibook will be a high quality text book for schools offering A-level computing meaning that funds can be spent on other fun things like raspberry pi's and superfast internet.

If you have any questions please contact emma-ashley@casinclude.org.uk or check out our website casinclude.org.uk.

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Twitter bio's are perfect for this - feel free to include hobbies and interests outside of work too. An example could be: Education Pioneer at @Raspberry_Pi, Author, @thePSF & @CompAtSch board member, Founder @GeekGurlDiaries, Chair of @CASinclude, Google Certifed Teacher
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Choose the topics your anecdote relates to
We haven't included all the 128 topics here so we have chosen the most abstract concepts for you to bring to life
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500 please keep entries to around 500 words max. If you would like to use code examples or pictures/diagrams, please contact emma-ashley@casinclude.org.uk with details
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