TCSW 2019 Event Submission
Twin Cities Startup Week is back from October 9 - 16, 2019!

Interested in hosting an event? If you are an individual, business, or community organization doing amazing things in the world of startups and innovation, we'd love to work with you!

There are a few steps to hosting an event:

1: Submit this form with your event idea by July 19. Once submitted, we will reach out to learn more and to make sure your event is a great fit for the week. If all looks good, we will confirm you're set to host during the week no later than August 6.

2: Finalize the logistics and details for your event by August 16. This will include speaker information, content summary, venue location, and timing. We know that things may change, but ask that you submit as much as possible so we can upload information into our master calendar prior to our schedule being announced on September 4.

3: Spread the word! We will work with you to help market your event and make sure you - and your attendees - have an incredible experience.

4: Attend our Event Host Happy Hour on September 19 to prepare for the week. This will be a time you can grab TCSW materials, learn more about other events happening throughout the week and meet other event hosts.

5: Host your event! We're planning on having about 150 events this year.

6: Provide feedback. It is important to us that event hosts, partners and attendees are given an opportunity to provide feedback. As an event host, we will send you a survey to gather feedback and capture any stories that came out of your events. We will also provide you a few questions to ask your attendees.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to

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Beyond industry verticals, we want to highlight areas of interest attendees have and create pathways throughout the week to support cross-industries collisions and collaborations. If we have missed any other areas of interest you think would be helpful to highlight, please let us know!
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TCSW is packed with events! As we piece together our calendar, we will work with you to find a great slot for your event.
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Thursday, Oct 10 (MPLS)
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Monday, Oct 14 (Greenline)
Tuesday, Oct 15 (MPLS)
Wednesday, Oct 16 (STPL)
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Who else should be hosting an event? (referral)
We love working with new event hosts and businesses during the week! Do know of any individuals or organizations that have a story to tell, something to teach or incredible content to share? Please list their name, email address and tell us a little bit about why they'd make a great event host - we'll make sure to reach out to them! (You can also feel free to send them this form directly)
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