Customer Preferences Survey
The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Small Business Resilience Taskforce is surveying regional customers to gauge their habits and preferences. We conducted a similar study during the beginning of the pandemic and are using this survey to track changes in customer behavior during Virginia's Phase 3.

Th survey will close on Aug . 3, 2020. It is an anonymous survey. All answers will be summarized for area small businesses.

Thank you for your time.
Which of the following factors do you feel impacts your level of comfort regarding which businesses you would patronize? (Select all that apply)
Now that Virginia is in Phase 3, please indicate your comfort level regarding if and when you might patronize the following type of businesses:
I have started patronizing these businesses
I will wait another month or so
It will be 2 months or more
I don't know
I won't feel comfortable
This doesn't apply to me
Dining inside restaurants
Outdoor dining
Museums (e.g. Explore More, Heritage Museum)
Yoga studios
Dance studios
Gyms/fitness centers
Buffets or similar self-service food
Religious institutions
Clear selection
While adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines (however they might evolve), how comfortable might you be in the coming months with the following:
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Not comfortable
I don't know
Doesn't apply to me
Large Indoor Events (eg - gala)
Large Outdoor Events (eg - festival)
Indoor concerts
Classes (eg - training, art workshop, yoga, etc)
Religious service
Conference or tradeshow
Clear selection
If you previously attended in-person business or social networking events before the pandemic, please indicate your interest today in the following types of networking activities:
I would be interested
I would not be interested
This does not apply to me
Small outdoor gatherings
Outdoor gatherings of any size
Small indoor gatherings
Indoor gatherings of any size
Virtual and online networking
Clear selection
Which convenience options would you like to see continued?
Yes, permanently
Yes, at least until we get control over the spread of the coronavirus
No, I haven't been using it
Curbside pick up
Local delivery
Ordering online
Clear selection
When thinking about how you hear about products, services, menu items, or specials from smaller, locally owned businesses, please indicate ways they might capture your attention:
Are you more comfortable going into businesses that limit the number of patrons inside at one time?
Clear selection
Would you like to see more “touch-free” payment options?
Clear selection
Think about your ONLINE shopping habits pre-COVID-19. In the coming months, how frequently do you expect to shop online with the following businesses:
I don't know
I don’t shop online
Major Online Retailers (like Amazon)
Locally Owned Retailers with e-Commerce for pick-up/delivery
Restaurants with e-Commerce for pick-up/delivery
Clear selection
Since COVID-19, have there been any safety precautions or business operations that have made you feel UNCOMFORTABLE?
Since COVID-19, have there been any safety precautions or business operations that have made you feel COMFORTABLE?
As a consumer, we appreciate your loyalty to local businesses. Please share with us any other ideas and suggestions that you feel would make your shopping/dining/service experiences more comfortable as we all navigate our new normal.
What is your home zip code?
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What is your age?
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