2021-22 NSITEN Membership Application Form (Indigenous Owned Businesses, Artists/Crafters, Indigenous SME's, Cultural Performers, Elders, Students)

***FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2021-2022***

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an industry/government or corporate partner, Indigenous ally organization/not for profit or non-Indigenous entity, this is the wrong application. Please go to the Membership Page and press the link under Option #4 found on www.nsiten.com/membership. Thank you!


Please fill out the following NSITEN 2021-2022 membership form as attached. You will notice that there are many different options for you to join below. Whether you are an Indigenous owned business, if you are an Indigenous artist (registered or not registered as a business), a Cultural Expert/Guide/Elder or if you are joining to help support the growth of Indigenous Tourism in Nova Scotia as a partner organization/business.

This questionnaire will also help us gather important information as to how we can serve you best. The information provided will help us in providing necessary opportunities, training and development for your business as a member of NSITEN and how we can continue to leverage supports for you with industry and government partners as we move forward into our revitalized five (5) year strategy. For more information please visit our website at www.nsiten.com.
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Are you currently registered as a business with the Registry of Joint Stocks with the Province of Nova Scotia (note: this is not required). *
What is the name of your business/organization? (If not a business, write individual name applying). *
Who are the primary contacts for your business? *
What is your business address (please include your civic and postal address) *
What is the best contact phone numbers for us to reach you at during regular business hours? *
Which Tourism Sector does your business currently offer services to? (You can enter more than one). *
What are the largest challenges you face as a business owner? *
How has COVID-19 impacted your business operations? *
As an organization, how can NSITEN best help you? *
What training or support opportunities would you like to see for your business? *
Would you/your business/organization be interested in attending at our 2021 Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Online Conference Summit scheduled for June 8 & 9, 2021? *
What type of topics would you like to hear discussed on our Online Zoom Indigenous Tourism Conference? *
Would you be interested in becoming a Volunteer Board Member or Committee Member with NSITEN? *
Are you currently registered as a member with the national organization - Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC)? *
Is there any more information you'd like to contribute? Questions, concerns or comments?
Thank you for your time - we look forward to speaking with you again soon. For more information, please visit our website at www.nsiten.com.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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