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At CORE Leadership, we want to help you equip and empower your mentee to build their strengths to lead like Christ in all areas of their life. We have already begun praying for you and your future mentee. This journey through CORE goes beyond traditional teaching. You will develop life-long relationships with the people you are investing in, and your investment will have a positive impact on our communities and future generations.

As a mentor you are required to complete a background screening and participate in 4 weeks of training. Each week you will complete online training prior to your meeting with your Mentor Trainer. Two meetings will occur over the phone and two in-person with your peers. The CORE Leadership design is five modules that consist of six sessions each and one group capstone project. There are 30 sessions over a 52 week period. Each week, the session is completed online, independently by the mentee. You will need to review your notes, the content from the online session and your handbook to meet with your mentee for approximately 30 minutes each week.

Being a CORE Leadership mentor involves a one-year commitment to be actively engaged in your faith journey and, the faith journey of your mentee. Leaving CORE Leadership early will impact your mentee, your fellow mentors and the group capstone project for your mentee. It also disrupts the relationship of trust and investment you are establishing.

We know this is a commitment for you to participate in this program and we ask that you prayerfully consider your ability to see it through. We understand that life and emergencies can arise. We also know that the more you do to be like Christ, the more you will be challenged. As a community we are here to lift you up and work through these issues together. If you find yourself considering resignation from this program, we ask that you agree to allow for the CORE Leadership Team to pray with you, discuss your concerns or situation, and then work to find a solution together.
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