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Thank you for contacting Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D. Please complete the quick application to see if you are a good fit for tinnitus therapy. Our intention is to create an individualized management plan designed to significantly improve your life with tinnitus.

We strongly encourage that all of our clients obtain a hearing test and see an otologist or Ear, Nose, Throat physician prior to our first session. It is important to determine whether your tinnitus is related to a treatable condition; therefore, we strongly recommend that you have a physical examination by a physician. In addition, because of the psychological impact of tinnitus we may recommend a consultation with a behavioral health specialist.

During your initial appointment, you will be educated about current tinnitus management theories, as well as treatment options, including potential advantages and limitations. It is important to understand that most tinnitus management programs are not designed to cure tinnitus. Instead, you will learn techniques to make significant improvement towards the impact tinnitus has on your quality of life and your associated stress, which often have a positive effect on the loudness of your tinnitus. Please be aware that your success in any tinnitus program depends on your commitment and participation.

Please email your most recent hearing test, doctor reports, or other relevant information to:
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Were you experiencing any kind of emotional trauma at the time when you first noticed your tinnitus? If so, explain.
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How does your tinnitus interfere with any of the following activities? Sleep, concentration, work, family, religious, social/recreation, exercise, etc.
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What is more of a problem for you, hearing difficulty or your tinnitus?
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Have you been exposed to loud noise (military, work, hobbies)? If so, what noise and for how much time?
If you use a hearing aid, how does it affect your tinnitus?
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How would your life be different if you didn't have tinnitus? *
Have you discussed your tinnitus with friends or family members? What was their reaction?
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Please list all evaluations and/or treatments you have had for tinnitus, including psychiatry, psychology, MRI scan, etc. Please include any relevant details (name of doctor, month/year seen, result):
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