Student Handbook Acknowledgement
I acknowledge that I have the responsibility to be familiar with and follow the procedures set forth in this Handbook. I understand that this Handbook does not contain all policies or practices of Sheridan AllPrep Academy. I understand that if I have questions about the policies and practices of Sheridan AllPrep Academy or anything contained in this Handbook, I may ask the administrator.
I understand this Handbook supersedes all prior Handbooks, rules, and understandings on these subjects, and that this handbook is not a guarantee of specific treatment in specific situations.
I understand that unless otherwise stated, Sheridan AllPrep Academy has the right to change (modify, add to, substitute, or eliminate), interpret and apply, in its sole discretion, the rules described in this Handbook. I also understand that additional information and policies may be described elsewhere.
By signing below, I represent that I have read and have acknowledged each of these statements.
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