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This form serves as a method of recordkeeping for all incidents of criminal mischief, suspicious activity, or malicious behavior that occurs within the Fenway Victory Gardens. Incidents include -- but are not limited to -- drug and substance abuse, property damage or defacement, petit larceny (theft), illegal homeless encampment or loitering, lewd behavior or public indecency, assault, harassment, and verbal abuse. Information shared within this report will not be made public, and will be used solely by the Security Committee and FGS Executive Board to ensure a continued sense of safety for our members. Anyone who completes this form is entitled to their own level of privacy. To request a copy of your report, please email
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FGS respects the right of individuals who wish to remain anonymous.
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If you are filing this report on behalf of someone else, please include their full name in the "Option" box.
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Email address
You may provide an email address if you wish to have a copy of this report for your records.
Plot Number(s)
Location of incident *
If the incident took place within FGS grounds, but outside of a specific section, please indicate location as "other" (i.e. Other: Center Meadows or Other: By flagpole).
If the incident did not take place in your garden, please include the plot number or row where the incident occurred.
Description of Incident
Date when the incident occurred (MM/DD/YYYY) *
If you are unsure of the date, please provide a general timeframe (i.e. between 10/23 and 10/25).
Time when the incident occurred *
If you are unsure of the time, please provide a general timeframe (i.e. some time between 8:00pm and 10:00am).
Type of incident *
Select all that apply. Note that the Justice Department defines a hate crime as criminal activity motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.
Names of other persons involved in the incident.
If any witnesses were present, please include their names.
Full name or description of offender(s), if applicable
If you do not know the individual's name, you may choose to include identifying features of the offender in your response. An accurate description includes sex and perceived ethnicity; estimation of age, height, weight, build (fat, husky, slim, muscular, etc.); facial information (hair color/style) as well as facial hair (clean shaven, unshaven, beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns); skin complexion (pores, pockmarks, acne, razor rash, bumps); visible tattoos (shape and style/on what part of the body); clothing information (colors? neat or sloppy? clean or dirty?). If you have seen this individual in the area before, please include this information.
Brief description of the incident *
Two sentences minimum recounting the incident. An incident report is a narrative description of an event that includes key facts alongside a detailed timeline. If the incident includes property damage, please list estimated property value. For theft, please indicate what was stolen. You may choose to include whether you feel this is an isolated incident or repeat offender.
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