STFAH by Marissa's Teachable Moments
Thank you for your interest in purchasing your own copy of STFAH. Select themes are available for $10. Customized games start at $15. To get a better idea of what you're looking for, please take a moment to respond to the questions below.
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Please use this space to describe what you're looking for in your customized game. Do you want a game about a specific tv show, sport, or all about cartoons? You can write that here. Please list up to 5 things that you want included. For example, "In my game about cartoons I really want questions about Rugrats, Doug, and The Proud Family."
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Do you want to play Jeopardy-style where people buzz in to answer questions? Do you want to make it interesting and play for money? If you answered yes, do you need Marissa's Teachable Moments to host your game?
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