ACT in partnership with Aceli Africa is pleased to invite you to register for a free agri-business Advance & Thrive Programme on strategic business planning, financial analysis & decision making and preparation for debt financing scheduled to take place for 3 months starting 20th April 2024 to be conducted both virtually and physically to those who will be selected to participate. The program targets Agri-SMEs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania interested in addressing gaps that hinder growth and access to debt finance
The session is targeting 2 people per business with the following profile:

  • Revenue requirements: Generated average revenue of TZS 85 million – 600 million over the past 3 years (2021-2023)
  • Participants must be the CEO, Managing Director, Owner or Founder plus one key staff. Other participant must be a senior leader in the business capable of supporting the implementation of key practices
  • Number of Employees: 2+ Full time employees
  • The business has been Operational for more than 2 years
  • Internet Enabled: Use internet business solutions for day today business operations
  • Performance/ Data oriented: Willing to share performance/financial data as part of the financial goal tracking and analysis for finance readiness.
  • Fully registered business
  • Priority will be given to businesses in the following areas: Agriculture, agro-processing
  • Qualified women & youth businesses are highly encouraged to apply

Application closing date: 27th March 2024

By submitting the application, I accept that ACT send me emails on activities including reports, guidelines, events, trainings and updates relating to current events.

NOTE: The information provided in this application form will only be used for the purposes of Advance & Thrive Programme. Only applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted.

For any enquiries, please contact us through +255 747 812 474 or 


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Jina Halisi la Biashara/Shirika
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In which year was your business registered?
Biashara yako imesajiliwa mwaka gani?
Under which registration category does your business fall?
Biashara yako iko chini ya kategoria gani ya usajili?
Does your business fall under the agricultural sector?
Je, biashara yako iko chini ya sekta ya kilimo?
Brief description of your business, specifying your activities and the agricultural chains involved in 
Maelezo mafupi ya biashara yako, ikibainisha shughuli zako na minyororo ya kilimo inayohusika
Which digital solutions do you use for your business?
(You can select more than one choice)
Je, unatumia suluhu gani za kidijitali kwa biashara yako? (Unaweza kuchagua chaguo zaidi ya moja)
Number of full-time employees *
Idadi ya wafanyakazi wenye mikataba yakisheria/yakudumu.
How often do you prepare financial reports?
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Je, unatayarisha ripoti za fedha mara ngapi? (Unaweza kuchagua chaguo zaidi ya moja)
What was your revenue in 2021? *
 Kiasi cha mapato kwa mwaka 2021 (Tafadhali andika kwa TZS)
What was your revenue in 2022? *
 Kiasi cha mapato kwa mwaka 2022 (Tafadhali andika kwa TZS)
What was your revenue in 2023? *
 Kiasi cha mapato kwa mwaka 2023 (Tafadhali andika kwa TZS)
Why do you want to participate in the program? *
Kwa nini unataka kushiriki katika programu hii?
Are you willing to share performance/ financial data as part of the financial goal tracking progress during and after the project?
(Please note this information will only be used for the purpose of evaluating the impact of the project to your business)
Je, uko tayari kutupa taarifa za fedha kama sehemu ya kuona ufanisi kiutendaji kabla na baada ya programu (Angalizo, taarifa za fedha zitatumika kwa lengo la kutathmini athari chanya za mradi katika uendeshaji wa biashara yako)
Do you commit to attend the free program sessions for the 3 months to be delivered both virtually and in-person? *
Je, upo tayari kuhudhuria vipindi vya programu bila malipo kwa miezi 3 vitakavyowasilishwa kwa njia ya masafa (mtandaoni) pamoja na kukutana (ana kwa ana)?
I consent to the sharing of my application data, including contacts with Aceli Africa, the sponsor of the programme, the African Management Institute  and Wylde, who will lead the session, and Busara, the monitoring and evaluation partner.
Naruhusu taarifa zangu zilizopo kwenye maombi kutumiwa na Aceli Africa, mfadhili wa programu, waendesha mafunzo (African Managemnt Institute (AMI) na taasisi ya kimatifa ya WYLDE) na taasisi ya Busara inayosimamia ufatiliaji na tathmini (M&E).
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