ECOP Survey 02-19: Expanded Maternity Leave
Greetings from the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP)!

Following the signing of Republic Act No. 11210, otherwise known as the "105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law", ECOP is conducting a survey on the salient provisions of the new law in order to get an idea on the perception of employers and its possible impact on enterprises.

Responses will be accepted until 31 March 2019 (Sunday)

Your participation will greatly contribute to ECOP's efforts in promoting a more business-friendly regulatory environment.

Thank you very much.

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Based on the coverage specified in the new law, approximately how many of your employees will be covered? *
Sec. 5 "Maternity Leave for Female Workers in the Private Sector" state that pregnant female workers may avail of the 105-days maternity leave with full pay if they are an SSS member who has paid at least three monthly contributions in the twelve month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth, miscarriage, or emergency termination of pregnancy
Approximately how many will qualify in your company as a solo parent under Republic Act No. 8972 or the "Solo Parents' Welfare Act? *
"Solo parent" as defined by RA 8972 is any woman who (a) gives birth as a result of rape and other crimes against chastity even without final conviction of the offender, provided that the mother keeps the child, and/or (b) parent left solo or alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to death of spouse, detainment of spouse, mental incapacity of spouse, legal separation from spouse, nullity of marriage, or abandonment of spouse, and/or (c) unmarried mother/father who has preferred to keep their children, (d) any person who solely provides parental care and support to a child, (e) any family member who assumes the responsibility of head of family as a result of the death, abandonment, disappearance, or prolonged absence of the parent
How many covered employees are earning above PHP 16,000.00 per month? *
How many covered employees are earning above PHP 20,000.00 per month? *
In your perception, how substantial will the cost impact be to your company? *
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In retrospect, were you supportive of the bill? *
What was your reaction when the bill was passed? *
Will this affect your decision to hire women? *
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