Waltham Arts + Culture Survey
In what capacity are you completing this questionnaire? Check all that apply.
How long have you lived in Waltham?
How long has your art/cultural practice been based in Waltham?
Where was your art/cultural practice based before coming to Waltham? List city, state and zip code
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Why did you choose Waltham to live and/or work?
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Describe your current level of artistic /cultural practice?
What is your artistic area of practice? Select all that apply.
Describe what cultural tradition your art stems from. (if none enter "none")
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What percentage of your livelihood/income is provided by your arts-related endeavors?
Please rate the following issues in terms of their importance to your career as an artist and/or cultural worker?
Not at all important
Somewhat important
Very important
N/A, no opnion
Space (studio, performance, exhibit, rehearsal)
Business services (accounting, legal, marketing, etc.)
Career development activities (classes, workshops, etc.)
Equipment and/or supplies
Health care and insurance
Financial support for dedicated creative time
Financial services (credit union insurance, loan programs)
Project development assistance
Grant writing assistance
Promotional assistance (marketing, artist directory/registry, etc.)
Networking/meeting other local artists in your field
Access to technology
Affordable housing
Where do you get your information about local arts + cultural activities in Waltham? Check all that apply.
What types of arts + cultural related activities would you like to see or have access to in Waltham? Select up to 5.
In most cases, what prevents you from participating in arts + cultural programs?
Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about living and working as an artist or cultural worker in Waltham.
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Preferred pronouns
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What is your primary language spoken in your home?
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