Yinghua Private Tutoring Request Form -- Sept.18 - Nov. 10, 2017
This term, tutoring is available for students in grades 1-8. Kindergarten students can sign up for Sessions II and III.

Please remember there are other ways to receive academic help, including morning homework sessions and Aftercare Homework First. If you would like to schedule fee-based, private tutoring with a Yinghua staff person at Yinghua, continue with this form.

Once you submit this form, Dr. Lien will review your request and match your child with a staff person. Emily Lear will contact you with all details, and will send you an invoice for the tutoring sessions. Note that all tutoring is bundled with a reduced-rate Aftercare fee so that we can track each student in the building after school. Students can stay at school before and after tutoring, until 6:00.

Tutoring is offered in 8-week sessions (once a week for 8 weeks). Session I begins the week of September 18 and ends the week of November 6. This session, Monday and Tuesday tutoring meets 8 times; Wednesday and Thursday tutoring meets 7 times; and Friday tutoring meets 6 times, due to days when there is no school.

Tutors receive the full tutoring fee.

$35 tutoring fee for 60 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $45 (8 1-hour tutoring sessions = $360)

$30 tutoring fee for 45 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $40 (8 45-minute tutoring sessions = $320)

$20 tutoring fee for 30 minutes, plus $10 Aftercare fee = $30 (8 30-minute tutoring sessions = $240)

Once tutoring is scheduled, you will receive an invoice for the 8-week session of tutoring with Aftercare.

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