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Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey. Your feedback is invaluable to us as it's important to me to offer you the best skin care advice and resources, that you feel will help you. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Welcome to our community feedback survey! As The Autistic Joyologist, I'm passionate about supporting autistic and ADHD female entrepreneurs and leaders like you, in leading happier, calmer, and more balanced lives. Your insights are invaluable, to ensure that I offer services that truly resonate with your needs, wants and aspirations. Thank you for your time and thoughts! You can also email me directly at Nikki x
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How do you identify yourself (clinical diagnosis or self-diagnosis). You can select multiple answers. 
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Autistic & ADHD (AuDHD)
Neurodivergent, other than autistic or ADHD
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As an entrepreneur or leader, what are your biggest challenges? 
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Time Management
Sensory overload and processing
Coping with burnout and overwhelm
Building relationships
Communication at work
Navigating and coping with change
Funding / Business Growth
Leveraging your strengths
Accessing support and help
Imposter syndrome
Understanding, setting and maintaining boundaries
Other (if other, please write in the next section)
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Which areas of life would you like more support with? (select as many as you'd like)
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Career development and entrepreneurship.
Personal relationships and social skills
Managing emotions and stress
Organising and planning skills
Self understanding, acceptance and confidence
Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries
Health and wellness
Understanding your skills and how to harness them
Redefining success on your terms
Other (please write in the section below)
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If you answered 'Other' to the last question, please write your answer here. 
How would you like to feel as a result of our support? 
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Calmer and more at peace
More confident in my decisions and abilities
Less anxious and stressed
Happier and more content and fulfilled in my life
More balanced, with time for work and personal activities
More connected with others in my life
More joy and laughter
More satisfaction and pride in my work
Less overwhelmed and more in control
Other (please provide your answer below)
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If you answered 'Other above' please provide your answer here. 
Which of the following offerings or services would you be interested in? (Select all that apply)
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Online mini-courses
12 week program to create a more balanced, calmer and happier life
An 8 week program to create a more balanced, calmer and happier life
E-books and Guides
Monthly live sessions (webinars/Q&A)
Membership with exclusive content
Power Hour One-To-One Zoom calls
One to one coaching
Group workshops or webinars
Guest Expert webinars
Online Support Group (Facebook)
Other (please let us know what else you'd like to see below)
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If you answered 'Other' to the section above, please let us know here what else you would like to see from us. 
How do you prefer to consume educational content?
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Text (E-books or written content)
Audio (podcasts)
Live interactions (webinars/Q&A)
Interactive quizzes/assessments
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How important is finding a happier, calmer and more balanced life to you?  *
What type of support or resources do you feel is currently lacking for autistic and ADHD female entrepreneurs and leaders?
What is your budget for personal and professional development resources per month? *
What specific features, resources, or topics would make our offerings more valuable to you?
Do you have any other suggestions, feedback or questions? 
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