D&I for Participation - Request for Focus Group Nominations
Please nominate someone you know can provide key insights needed to build a strong strategy for D&I in participation at Mozilla. YES! You can self-nominate.

** For Self-Nomination: Please only fill out those fields you feel comfortable sharing.

**For Nomination of another Mozillian: Please do not guess, or assume the diversity status of the nominee. We will provide them with an opportunity to provide this information as part of the nomination.

All nominated individuals will receive notification explaining the nomination, and whether or not they were selected. For more questions, please check the FAQ on the wiki.
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Is the nominee comfortable being interviewed in English? If not what language would be preferred?
We will run some focus group interviews in first-languages other than English BUT we cannot at this time guarantee which languages we will select . Selection will be based on the number of people requesting a specific language, and the availability of translators.
Is the nominee currently an active Mozilla contributor? *
'active' meaning - within the last 3 months, has contributed to any part of the project.
How long has the nominee been a Mozilla contributor?
This can include periods of inactivity, and is meant to capture the length of engagement with Mozilla over time vrs just active contribution.
If the nominee is, or has been a Mozilla contributor - what is the nature of their contribution? *
Which Focus Group 'Topic' do you feel your nomination is must suited to provide insights? *
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