Media Savvy Are You? Assessment
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Answer YES or NO to the following questions and count your score at the end of the section
2 points for “yes” and 1 point for “no”.

When it comes to capturing the attention of national media, are you regularly doing the following:
1. Do you research the shows, columns, blogs and other media to discover if you are a good fit for them? *
2. Do you research the right person to approach regarding an interview, review, article placement, or guest blog post? *
3. Do you explore and connect with chosen contacts on social media first? *
4. Once connected, do you build social capital with your contact? Do you know what social capital is? *
5. Do you write emails that are a length that will get the media to respond? Do you know what that length is? *
6. Do you know how to approach the media so they see the value of working with you? *
7. Do you have a strategic system on who to send to … and who to avoid, depending on the project? *
8.Do you build a relationship first then make appropriate requests? *
9. Is your idea hooky – or catchy – enough to grab national media attention? *
10. Do you know how to approach the media so that you’re not coming across too salesy? *
Add up how many 'yes' responses you gave and multiply by '2'. Enter the total in the box below: *
Add up how many 'no' responses you gave and enter the total in the box below: *
Add both numbers together and enter in box below (you will need this in Part Three): *
Answer these questions:

On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 meaning you have no idea how to do this, and 10 being you are an absolute expert, how do you score?

Once you get National Media, do you....
Know how to deflect tough questions? *
Know how to stay on message even when asked a question totally unrelated to why you’re there? *
Know how to respond if the media person said something that is untrue? *
Know how to handle controversy? *
Know what questions to ask once you get the interview? *
Know how to get invited back again? *
Know how to keep your cool when you’re getting hot under the collar? *
Feel excited and ready to embrace appearing on national media, or is there a part of you that hesitates and isn’t sure… *
Add the total for each question in Part Two and enter in the box below: *
Add the total for Part 1 and Part 2 and input that score here. *
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