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Hackbridge Jumpstart timeline (Please READ):
21st October: Business Plan Competition Brief with Deputy GM APAC and Chief Research Engineer of Kajima Corporation as guests (See event details). Come if you are interested in participating in the competition.
23rd October: Jumpstart Launch with Ideation & Teambuilding workshop with EF (See event details). You should come for this unless you already have a team or an idea and you do not want to recruit. If you cannot make it please try to come on the 21st so that we can onboard you.
30th October: Product Market Fit workshop. This is the"exclusive" workshop where you'd get more focused attention. It's 6-9pm at LR4, CB2 1PZ engineering dept, as usual, and dinner would be provided, as usual. I haven't met a team that shouldn't find this at least remotely useful yet, so please come to accelerate whatever you'd have by this time.
First half of november: Teambuilding. Time when you'd find members and we would help with that process, and maybe "breakup" too.
Second half of Nov- End Dec: You should be ready for some professional mentoring now that you have settled your team. We have mentors enough for ~10 teams (quite a lot if you'd ask me) that would give you supervision style check in 2 weeks apart for ~3x
Early- Mid Jan: Prep for Demo Day with Hackbridge Team
Mid Jan: Demo Day + acceleration to our partner VCs

Do note that if you are one of the few teams I have spoken to that are already quite advanced, you would be skipped to the mentoring stage.

We have:
2x Workshops
Curriculum/resource lib
Exit Plans/Partner organisations/competitions (i.e CUE, Lee Kuan Yew Biz Plan Competition)
Mentors: (Judge business school, Syndicate Room, Aleksi (his company is worth 100+mil pounds despite him just graduating from Cambridge Engineering Undergrad+Masters for merely 3 years), Playfair Capital, Entrepreneur First, Wilbe Ventures, in talks with a number more potential mentors but currently we have a very robust number already, as you can tell)

So sign up :) We would be in touch real soon
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