APPLICATION FORM - Leading Música do Circulo Module I 2022
"Música do Círculo" in Portuguese means "Music of the Circle" or "Music from the Circle" and it's both the
name of our project/company and of the practice we've been developing over the last decade, integrating vocal
improvisation, body percussion, movement and human connection in a process of flow, inclusion, creativity and
deep listening.

This is an initiative focused on sharing our work so it can be present in circles all around the world and it was planned for people with some musical experience, either singing or with body percussion or playing instruments.

The course has 30 slots and it consists of 9 weekly interactive 2 and a half hour Zoom meetings on Fridays from February 11 to April 8, as shown below:

February: 11 - 18 - 25
March: 4 - 11 - 18 - 25
April: 1 - 8

They will happen from 2 PM to 4:30 PM (Brazilian Time), but will be recorded and available online for you to watch later (if you need help figuring out what time it would be in your location use this time converter site

This is the first module of our teacher training (the whole program consist of 3 online module and one in-person module)  but it's also a stand-alone course that's going to share with you the technical,
philosophical and structural elements that are the essence of the Música do Círculo approach to music

Value:  400$ (US dollars) via paypal.

*Avoid completing this form on your mobile, as there is a greater chance of error!

* After you fill out this form, we will send you an email with information on how to pay (if for some reason you do not receive it, please let us know:

* Your place will only be guaranteed after confirmation of the payment, upon receiving payment information, we established a 2 days period for participants to make the payment, after that we'll make the place available to the next person on the waiting list.

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Musician and artist-educator and for over 15 years has explored alternative ways in the making of collective music. He is an educator at the Sesc Vila Mariana Music Center and part of the faculty at Bobby McFerrin's Circlesongs Workshop at the Omega Institute in New York.

Artist-educator and songwriter, he was part of the Fernando Barba, Barbatuques study group and for 7 years was co-responsible for Fritos body music. He holds a degree in Cooperation Pedagogy and the Gaia Education sustainability program.

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