BUMP TV x Pleasure Dome "Alter Ego Citadel" Application
BUMP TV and Pleasure Dome are seeking submissions for a residency project/commission in which the artist will create a 15-minute short film, experimental moving images or cinema project in the BUMP TV studio. We are looking for submissions that explore themes of constructed and performed identities, alter-egos, online personas, identity-based communities that focus on presentation and costuming while in play (i.e. Juggalos, furries, Dungeons and Dragons roleplay, etc), avatars, catfishing, the freedoms and limitation that are offered online and in real life when creating or acting in an imagined persona, character costuming, roleplay vs. identity, online chatrooms, and more.

This opportunity is open to anyone who can access the BUMP TV studio downtown Toronto. We encourage proposals from artists who are emerging or established. BUMP TV and Pleasure Dome are strongly committed to fostering diversity and welcome submissions by women, visible and invisible minorities, BIPOC folks, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+ persons. This residency project supports the production of new work with a $400 artist fee; including support from the BUMP TV studios. The finished work will be screened, March 2020, and accompanied by an artist interview for one month on BUMP TV. Submission requirements: a written proposal describing your project and required equipment (up to 500 words), a link to preview videos of previous work and a complete submission form.

Deadline: Friday, Nov. 15, 11:59pm.

Pleasure Dome is an artist-run presentation organization and publisher dedicated to experimental media. Pleasure Dome is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Arts Council, and by our members, sponsors, and community partners. Learn more: www.pdome.org and @PleasureDomeTO

Read on for information on the BUMP TV studio and to apply.
The studio looks like this!
And the final results look like this!
Bump Television is dedicated to providing and creating programming that: (1) promotes emerging artists, filmmakers and musicians (no big names please!); (2) centres marginalized voices and actively maintains anti-oppressive values. All videos featured on Bump must be programmed with consent by the artists.

BUMP TV provides a green screen TV studio that community members can use to film in or livestream from.

We will help you film and operate equipment during the filming of your show.

Post-production assistance such as editing is not guaranteed and depends on volunteer availability.

The studio has a green screen, a few different standard definition cameras (NO HD), a video mixer, some microphones, and a titling machine.

The best show proposals are simple, something where you basically just sit/stand/dance/talk/sing in front of the camera with something on the green screen in the background. But we are open to any and all creative suggestions!
- any props or costumes you may need
- a hard drive or storage device to store your footage on
- a laptop with a Thunderbolt 2 connector for displaying images on the green screen
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Show Description
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How does your work relate to the theme of alter egos? (500 words) *
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If it's a series of videos, how many do you want to make?
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Estimated studio time required
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When do you want to shoot it?
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Props or set-pieces needed (you must provide these unless otherwise agreed upon)
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How many scenes/sequences do you want to shoot? Provide a short description of each.
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Does it require significant editing? (i.e. more than one long shot with the ends trimmed)
If editing is required, are you able to do it yourself?
Do you need/want a volunteer to edit it? (volunteer availability not guaranteed)
Do you want to learn how to edit? (volunteer availability not guaranteed)
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