Namur en Mai 2019 : Professional accreditation
Professional accreditations are valid from Mai 30th to June 1st. One accreditation per person, 2 maximum per organization. Accreditation is personal and non-transferable. It is for organizations that schedule or work with artists or companies from fairground, circus and street art sectors only.

With your accreditation you could enjoy :
- free and priority access to every show during the whole festival
- an invitation to the 4 professional-only events
- a booklet with every piece of information on every company present at the festival
- access to our professional area, where you can find documentation on artists and free drinks

Please notice that Namur en Mai has the right to confirm or decline your application.

Contact :
Stéphanie Fabry, accueil Pro
+32 (0)81 85 11 55

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Professional Meetings
Namur en Mai invites you to a few moments booked for professionals:

- Wednesday, Mai 29th (12:30): Preview of several extracts from the shows (for professionals and journalists)

- Friday, Mai 31st (from 12:30 to 2 pm): Professional Lunch for professionals only. It's an opportunity to meet people from this sector. (Just so you know, shows won't start before 2 pm on Friday).

- Saturday, June 1st (from 11am to 12am): Federation Wallonia Brussels pre-dinner drink: a unique occasion to present you every talent of the FWB.

- Saturday, June 1st (from 5 to 6 pm): Namur en Mai Closing Ceremony : free drink

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Namur en Mai is willing to offer free accommodation to foreign professionals by being host by a resident. As it is not confirmed yet, it is useful to know if you are interested in this option or not.
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