Chonilla Podcast & Internet Radio Show Invitation
We are so excited to invite you as our guest on The Chonilla Podcast posted on on iTunes, iHeartRadio Soundcloud and Stitcher including The #Chonilla247 Internet Radio Station.

Please take a moment to fill in your response. This will help gather pertinent information plus prepare for your appearance.

What name would you like to be addressed by?
This allows us to sort your submissions and know what name you prefer to be addressed with?
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Is being a guest on something that interests you? *
Would you like to join us for a 'Live' broadcast? Skype [Username: Clovasaurus] *
Our live recordings take place on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST (we prep at 10:30 am) on Skype/Spreecast. As our guest you have the option to appear later from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Choose one from the drop down to book a date.
None of these days work for me/us?
We are flexible when it comes to booking and we'll gladly work around your schedule to make sure we get an opportunity to hang out with you at our home studio or via skype.
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How long can you hang out for? *
We respect any time constraints you may have.
Are you okay with profanity? *
Everything we say comes from love and at times we get a little over passionate which leads to a few S-bombs or F-bombs during our conversation.
Would you like visibility into the questions we may ask?
Our questions are meant to be friendly and inspire conversation. We (Sherley & Clove) respect everyones right to say: "I'm not comfortable answering that question at the moment. or Next question"
Do you have specific topic or material you would like to talk about?
Simply want to extend an opportunity to share anything that you feel needs attention. Pet peeves, News, Topics, Charities... etc. This is totally optional... we've got your back! :)
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What music would you like played during breaks on the show?
Please provide a list of 2 to 4 songs (artist name - song). As a back-up, we prepare a song list if you choose to leave this field blank.
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What's your favourite quote to share with our listeners?
Love to know what words have inspired you in the past. :)
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What is your Home phone or Cell phone #?
To be use as contact for upcoming show preparation only... We would never call to gossip, or share your information with anyone and always ask to contact you by email if we need to call.
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What is your E-mail address? *
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What is your Skype handle?
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What is your Twitter handle?
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What is your Facebook url?
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What is your website url?
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Upcoming Promos?
Please list any current or upcoming projects you would like promoted throughout the show.
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Would you like to review the final mix of the show before posting?
We want to be sure all our guests walk away from their appearance feeling good, and if that means you would like to hear the show before posting publicly, we will gladly support your needs.
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