Relevancy Survey
My teachers use real life examples to help explain things so that I can better connect to and understand the material.
My teachers try to find out what interests me (questions, surveys, conversations, reflections on what I like, parts of the assignment I liked).
My teachers use examples from my culture when teaching.
My teachers show appreciation for my cultural heritage by trying to use materials that have people who represent my culture and background so that I can better connect to the content.
My teachers help me build background knowledge about topics, ideas or concepts I do not know about so that I can apply the knowledge
My teachers use lots of different activities (hands on activities, group work, video clips, projects) to teach a concept instead of always teaching in the same way.
I look forward to coming to school each day because my classes are interesting and make me want to learn more.
I feel comfortable telling my teachers about my personal experiences or challenges I may be experiencing.
My teacher communicates with my parents about my grades and what I'm learning.
Do you feel that what you are learning relates to your current life?
Do you feel that what you are learning will help with your future?
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