English Exit Survey
What period was your English class? *
What grade level was your English class? *
Who was your English teacher? *
1. I am satisfied with the quality of the education I received in this class. *
2. My teacher for this course knew the subject area very well. *
3. I understood the material being taught by my teacher in this course. *
4. The materials used in this course were current and up-to-date, where appropriate. *
5. The materials used in this course captured my attention. I found them interesting and could relate to them. *
6. I was exposed to a variety of text forms or genres (ex. poetry, short stories, lyrics, novels, plays, etc.) *
7. My experience in this class was academically challenging enough. *
8. I was comfortable with the pace (speed) of the instruction in this class. *
9. I feel prepared, academically, for the next school year based on what I learned in this class, and how I learned it. *
10. My confidence as a learner has improved/increased over the course of this year, based on what I learned in class and the ways that I learned it. *
11. This course has prepared me for other courses, not JUST other English courses. *
12. My skills in reading and analyzing have improved as a result of the skills I developed in this course. *
13. My skills in writing a variety of genres (ex. poems, essays, responses, letters, reflections, etc.) have improved as a result of the skills I developed in this course. *
14. I feel better able to explain/communicate my learning as a result of the skills I developed in this course. *
15. I had opportunities to participate in class discussions (one-on-one, small-group and/or whole class). *
16. I believe that the skills I developed and the material I learned in this class can be applied to life outside high school. *
17. I feel that I was prepared for the ELPA (provincial assessment) in January and/or the final English exam for this course. *
18. The skills that have MOST helped me to develop as a stronger overall learner are (choose as many as you like): *
19. The goals and objectives of the units and lessons were very clear. *
20. How well do you feel you have been introduced to the outcomes and standards for this course? *
21. Which of the following EVALUATION methods do you believe best worked in providing well-rounded methods of assessment for your work and your efforts? (Choose as many as you like) *
22. Which, if any of the classroom tools, procedures, routines or approaches to your learning would you like to see used in OTHER classes? *
23. My teacher cared about my learning success in this course. *
24. The lessons in this class involved a variety of ways to learn (ex. discussions, projects, activities, short assignments, longer assignments, etc.) *
25. My teacher in this class helped me to be proud of my work, my actions and my decisions. *
26. I felt comfortable and respected enough in this class to ask questions when I needed to. *
27. I felt comfortable and respected in this class, which led to my improved academic performance. *
28. I was encouraged to be creative and original in this class. *
29. I felt like I was being considered as an individual learner, not just a part of the class. *
30. The work we completed that BEST helped me to become a better learner and stay more engaged were: (choose as many as you like) *
32. What would you like to have learned through this course, in addition to OR in place of what you already learned?
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31. If you could change anything about this course, what would you change?
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33. Did this class offer a variety of ways in evaluating the work you completed? Do you have any suggestions regarding evaluation for this course?
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34. What are your views on replacing the final exam with the multi-genre project and interview?
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