Buddy Volunteers Application Form Autumn 2019
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a Buddy to an incoming international student in the Autumn Semester of 2019. This form allows us to get more information about you and your experiences to help us select the best Buddies for our international students!
In order to be eligible for participation in the Buddy Programme, you must be registered as a UL student for the entirety of the Autumn Semester 2019.
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Applicant Statement of Interest
Participation in the Buddy Programme will involve working with a small group of international students. You may be matched with students from Europe, America, China, India or Saudi Arabia. The aim is to support their social integration into the University of Limerick. Your answers to the below questions gives us an indication of the type of Buddy you will be, if selected to take part in the Autumn Semester.
Outline why you are interested in being a Buddy *
If selected as a volunteer for the Buddy Programme, what type of activities do you imagine you will engage in with your international students? *
President's Volunteer Award
Those on the Buddy Programme are eligible to apply for a President's Volunteer Award. Please indicate if you give your permission for your name and contact email to be shared with the PVA team.
Do you give permission for your name and contact email to be shared with the PVA team? *
Thank you for completing this application.
We will advise all applicants via email if they have been selected for the Buddy Programme

Personal data will be processed in accordance with the UL Student Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy which can be accessed from www.ul.ie/dataprotection. The personal data you provide on this form will be held by the University of Limerick in manual and in electronic format and used only for the purpose of processing your Buddy Volunteer Application. It will not be used for any other purpose, (unless you have consented to your name and contact email to be shared with the Presidents Volunteer Awards Team).

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