Rep. DiCaro's 2016 Legislative Survey
Your input matters to me! Please answer these 10 short questions to help me understand what is important to you.
House District 31 Boundaries
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Education Funding *
In Utah, funding for public education comes from income tax. Which of the following would you like the Utah Legislature to consider regarding education funding?
Medical Marijuana *
Medicaid Expansion *
At what level to do you support or oppose Medicaid expansion in Utah?
Air Quality *
Do you think that Utah’s clean air requirements should be:
Water Infrastructure *
Do you support or oppose increased funding to increase Utah's water infrastructure such as reservoirs, watersheds and water distribution systems?
Right to Die *
A death with dignity proposal may come forward. Should doctors be allowed to prescribe medication intended to end one’s life, in cases where someone is terminally ill?
Public Lands *
Roughly 70% of Utah’s land is owned by the federal government. Recently, the State of Utah has made an effort to acquire ownership of this land. Do you support efforts to turn this land’s ownership and management to the State of Utah?
Daylight Savings *
Daylight Savings Time has been a controversial topic for many years. Those who want no Daylight Savings Time say it's bothersome to change time twice a year. Those who want to keep Daylight Savings say it provides more daylight hours in the summer for things like farming and recreating, and without it the sun would rise before 5am. In your opinion, Utah should:
What else would you like to share with me?
Let me know if you have concerns or thoughts in other areas not covered in this survey.
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