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So many ways to help. Think of sponsorship as : backing, support, patronage, funding, financing or promotion;
Sponsorship is NOT an act of charity, instead it is the material support of an event, activity or organisation by an unrelated partner. It must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI).
From a carefully crafted sponsorship, you can enjoy a variety of benefits from:

- Raising brand awareness & creating preference (increasing loyalty)
- Creating positive PR, (raise awareness of the organisation as a whole)
- Act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients.
- Provide attractive content for a range of products and services
- Build brand positioning through associative imagery
- Create internal emotional commitment to the brand
- Support a sales promotion campaign

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Service Sponsorship (Give a Skill or Gain a Skill)
For those who would like to volunteer time either as an expert;or as a career-changer or student seeking experience. There are a number of roles which are available.
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