IB Exam Registration Form: May 2020
THIS FORMS SERVES AS YOUR OFFICIAL IB EXAM REGISTRATION FORM and obligates you to the corresponding IB Exam fees. IB Exam Registration deadline is Friday, Nov. 1st. Full or partial payment is due by Thurs., Nov. 7th.

- The student is responsible for correctly registering for their exam(s) and any fees resulting from registration changes. Registration is finalized with IBO in early November. A full refund is not possible after this date. IBO charges substantial fees for registration changes.

- Payments can be made by credit card (recommended) or check. There are payment plan, MCPS Fee Waiver, and School Assistance options. Please see the IB Exam Registration Packet for more information.

- Partial payment must be submitted by November 7th for an exam to be ordered.

- Students must submit signed Fee Waiver or School Assistance request forms in order to qualify for fee assistance. The request form must be signed by a parent and submitted to Mrs. Becraft. Failure to submit a signed MCPS AP/IB Exam Fee Waiver Request Form will result in an obligation for the full exam amount. Students who receive an MCPS Fee Waiver or AEHS School Assistance, but do not complete all components of their exam, may be issued an obligation for the full exam amount.

For questions, contact Ms. Becraft at Kimberly_M_Becraft@mcpsmd.org
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